Por que vemos colorido? (Why do we see in colors?)

Children's University

Directed by Marcela Werkema e Fabiano Bomfim
Animation short created for the Children's University project answering to Daniel from Envigado, Colombia, who want to know why do we see in colors.

Dubbed version here



  • ANIMA MUNDI - International Animation Festival of Brazil - Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival - Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • International Tour Film Festival - Rome, Italy

  • Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival - Florianopolis, Brazil

  • II Cine Jardim  - Festival de Cinema de Belo Jardim - Belo Jardim, Brazil


In this animation we took the city of  Envigado, Colombia, as reference for the backgrounds.